MV's Cinema 4D Page
This site is an attempt to collect useful Cinema 4D links and information in one place, and contribute what I can to the web base of info about Cinema 4D.

This site was last updated: 9/21/02

Tutorial Links:

MV's Radiosity Tutorial
MV's Tutorials, Changer and Puzzle
c4d.co.uk has long list of tutorial links

Naam's Techniques page, Includes plugins

Maxon Tutorial links
Bunk's Human Modeling Tutorial

Achieving True Inverse Square Light Falloff

Coffee Tutorial by Cory Clarke

Jeremy W's Cool Explorations

Nick Woolridge's Human Head Tutorial
TP and Expresso samples
Chev Bel Air Tutorial

Interesting things you can do with XL6
Caustic Fake: Caustics can be faked using caustic light patterns as gels.
Refraction Animation: You can get some cool effects animating the refraction index of materials.
Must know links:
Bhodinut Website: SLA and Jenna developers
Deepshade: The Cinema Shader Club
Renderosity: Large User Gallery
Misc. Notes & Explorations:

XL6 vs. XL7 AA comparison page
Area Shadows are 2 dimensional, not 3
3D rust texture problem
Glass and Etched Glass Shader
UV Mapped Texture using Bodypaint

Vase Rendered in Cinema with QTVR

Transparencies w/Soft Shadow problem
Objects can't be own morph target

Inverse Volumentrics note

XL Plugin & Expression Links
Ben Johnson's XL Plugins
Maxon's Plugin Cafe

Aquarius Plugins

Entagma Plugins
Remotion Plugins
Movie Gallery:

MV's Animation Gallery
Phil McNally's Pump Action

Happy Ships' The Joust
Steve Townrow's animations -- Gladiators
Kai Pedersen's Tippity Tap